Spring Grove Cemetery

Rules and Regulations for Lot Owners


Spring Grove Cemetery, located north of the Village of Carey, Ohio, on State Route 23, is under the ownership and management of the Village of Carey. Rules pertaining to management of the cemetery are adopted by village council.

It is the desire of the Village of Carey to provide well-kept grounds for the purpose of burial of the dead, as well as to offer an environment where family and friends can gather together or in private to honor their deceased loved ones.

Rules and regulations are necessary as a protection to every lot owner and to the public in general. In adopting these guidelines, it is the Village’s intent to give preference to lot owners, while at the same time securing the Village’s right and obligation to make necessary cemetery improvements and to follow the proper mode of burial.

The rules and regulations governing the care and upkeep of Spring Grove Cemetery were compiled with the purpose of assisting those responsible for maintenance of the cemetery, as well as to offer general guidelines to lot owners on the purchase of lots and maintenance thereof.  

All cemetery lot owners shall be subject to all rules and regulations of the cemetery now existing and which may be adopted by the Village in the future. The observance of these rules and regulations by all interested parties is respectfully requested.



The Village of Carey clerk-treasurer’s office maintains a record of all deeds, purchases, and burials pertaining to Spring Grove Cemetery.

Lots may be purchased at the clerk-treasurer’s office and, upon payment of same, a deed will be delivered to the purchaser. Current lot prices are available from the clerk-treasurer. An additional endowment fee that provides for perpetual care of the purchased lot is mandatory.

In the event an owner of a cemetery lot wishes to sell or bequeath said lot or a portion thereof to another party, notification of that intent must be made to the clerk-treasurer prior to the transaction so that official records may be updated.  A new deed will not be issued; however, the transaction will be duly noted in the official cemetery record books.

Grave opening fees will vary based on vault size, type of opening (transfer, cremation, standard burial), and day of the week. Grave opening charges on Saturdays, holidays, and after hours on weekdays will be increased by 50 percent over the regular price.

No foundations shall be poured and/or placed until six months after the date of burial. Foundations will be poured by the Village twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, or at the discretion of the village administrator or his designee. Prices are available from the clerk-treasurer’s office.



1. Fences, hedges, edging, curbing or other types of enclosures on or around any lot or gravesite are not permitted.

2. Floral pieces shall be removed as soon as they become unsightly. Times of scheduled cemetery clean-ups conducted by the Village of Carey in the spring of each year will be announced in the local newspaper and posted at the cemetery. Lot owners will be given adequate time in which to remove grave decorations they wish to keep before they are disposed of by the Village.

3. The right to alter or change the layout of walks, drives, or unsold vacant lots is reserved for the Village. A wall map showing the layout of the cemetery is available for viewing at the clerk-treasurer’s office.

4. Trees growing on lots shall not be destroyed without consent of the Village. If any tree or shrub, because of root or branch growth, becomes detrimental to adjacent lots, avenues, walks, or lanes, or dangerous to passing motorists or pedestrians, the Village shall have the right to trim or remove said tree or shrub.

5. No tree or shrub shall be planted on any cemetery lot without the consent of the Village. Flowering bushes are prohibited. The Village recommends a potted plant that can be set at the head of the gravestone during the growing season and be removed in the winter.

6. Decorations such as floral arrangements, wreaths, grave saddles and blankets will be permitted on gravesites. Decorations must be placed on the headstone or foundation, or as close to the foundation as possible. Decorations must not extend into the grassy area of the gravesite or intrude onto adjoining gravesites.

7. Waste paper, empty boxes, old floral arrangements, etc., must be deposited in barrels or on rubbish piles provided for that purpose.

8. Lots shall not be used for any other purpose than for a place of burial for the deceased. Lots may be improved or decorated in a manner in keeping with the rules and regulations set forth by the Village of Carey.

9. No tomb or vault shall be constructed within the bounds of the cemetery except in areas so designated by the Village.

10. Foundations for monuments and markers will be installed only by the Village at a cost to the lot owner or the monument dealer ordering the foundation. The Village may be contacted for current foundation prices and installation schedules. 

11. The Village reserves the right to perform all necessary maintenance on cemetery grounds. No maintenance may be performed without authorization from the Village.



The price of a single lot in the Spring Grove Cemetery,

  • size 10 feet by 16 feet ($1,000.00)
  • size 8 feet by 10 feet, ($500.00)
  • size 4 feet by 10 feet,  ($250.00)
  • size 2 feet by 5 feet,  ($100.00)


For the purpose of funding the Endowment Fund of the Carey Spring Grove Cemetery -- two hundred dollars ($200.00) shall be added to the sale price of a single lot, size 10 feet by 16 feet; one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be added to the sale price of a half lot, size 8 feet by 10 feet; fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be added to the sale price of a single space, size 4 feet by 10 feet, and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be added to the sale price of a baby space, size 2 feet by 5 feet.




The Village of Carey, owner and manager of Spring Grove Cemetery, shall have the power to enforce all rules and regulations adopted by village council. It shall care for and maintain the cemetery in accordance with said rules and regulations; shall open and close all graves; install all foundations for monuments and markers, and maintain all official cemetery documents.

Legislation pertaining to Spring Grove Cemetery is found under Title Three, Chapter 953, of the Codified Ordinances of Carey, Ohio, with reference to the Ohio Revised Code Sections 759.05, 759.20, 759.27, 3705.24, and 5113.15.


For more information, contact:

Village of Carey

Administration Office

Clerk-Treasurer’s Office

127 N. Vance Street

Carey, Ohio  43316


Phone: 419-396-7681