Public Works Department

Our Public Works Director is Neil Puchta

The Public Works Department handles most of the behind-the-scenes details of the necessary infrastructure, excluding the electric system, including over 20 miles of sanitary sewers, five sanitary lift stations, 25 miles of water lines, 1,419 meters, 230 valves, and 165 hydrants, plus approximately 14 miles of stormwater collection lines and catch basins.

Recycling activities are part of this department, as well. All public parks, including the swimming pool, the various pavilions, playground equipment, and landscaping are maintained by this department.  This includes mowing and trimming over 75 acres of grass per week.  All functions of the cemetery are also performed or supported by public works personnel. 

Just about any function, you can imagine and probably some you can't - the public works department probably has you covered!

*Any questions regarding your Water Bill should be directed to the Utility Office: 419-396-7681

Contact Information:

Phone number:  419-396-3218







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