Board of Nuisance Abatement

Whenever the Village Administrator suspects the existence of a public nuisance as defined by Section 1309.01(a), or is advised by the Volunteer Fire Department, Fire Chief, or learns from any other source of the apparent existence of such nuisance, he shall promptly cause such suspected public nuisance to be inspected by the Fire Chief. Following such inspection, should the Fire Chief determine that there are reasonable grounds to believe that a public nuisance exists, he shall notify the Chairman of the Board of Nuisance Abatement, who shall cause a hearing to be held by the Board on the question of the existence of a public nuisance.

The Board of Nuisance Abatement shall be composed of the Administrator, the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department and the Mayor, or their duly authorized representatives. The Mayor or his duly authorized representative shall serve as Chairman of the Board.

Current Members:

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